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Check website for common errors automatically

Testomato is an advanced monitoring and testing service you can use to find site errors online, take control of your website, and make sure everything is working as it should be. Check for website errors every 5 minutes and monitor site uptime every 15 seconds.

With Testomato, you can set up website checks for:

  • loading pages speed
  • pages not found
  • temporary redirects
  • successful server requests
  • missing content or broken forms
  • uptime monitoring (is your website up or down?)
  • response time (how fast a customer can access your site)
  • server connection problems such as slow connections and server response problems
  • security certificate (SSL) problems

Find and fix bugs faster

Testomato sends you notifications when something important on your website breaks. We check your website very often; we know about errors before your customers even notice.

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Need to understand issues in detail?

Need to understand issues in detail? Our graphics will show you how long the problems lasted, what errors you're encountering more often, and when those issues occurred.

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